Today I finally ventured out to tidy the garden.  What delights I found.  As I brushed up the leaves (actually I picked them up in frozen slabs) I found hundreds and hundreds of shoots.  I know that if I put bulbs in the ground in the winter they will turn into plants in the spring, but every year I get ridiculously excited by the sight of this.


2 responses to “shoots

  1. Hi,
    When I saw the picture of shoots in your garden, I had to scurry out to mine to see if there were any tulip shoots up yet and there are a few. The wonder of seeing those first shoots never grows old does it? Best thoughts.
    Emerald Isle,NC USA

  2. Hi Margie
    I love it when I stand in the garden in November after a day planting bulbs and know that in a few months I’ll be standing in the same spot looking for shoots 🙂 You are quite right, the wonder never goes.

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