I love a beautiful flower garden and I love a productive vegetable garden but my fingers are not as green as I would like them to be.   Or more to the point I don’t have as much time as it needs (though that will be changing soon).  Consequently when I ventured out to do the first clear up of the year there was a lot more to do than I had anticipated.  I went out at 8.30 and finally came inside for lunch at 2.30 and I felt brilliant.  I was excited about the year ahead and all the possibilities, I fantasised about abundant bounty from the vegetable garden and I ached.  I ached a lot, I ached more than I thought was possible.  The next morning I was like a shriveled gnome, it took me  several minutes to uncoil myself when I got out of bed.  But I still felt brilliant and I still feel brilliant today when I look out at the tidied garden and the beds waiting with their compost (courtesy of the ducks and chickens) for the arrival of this year’s vegetable plants.


2 responses to “garden

  1. hello there x
    thank you for visiting my blog…
    we run an animal charity and keep rare breed sheep so our fleeces will be turned in to yarn and sold to raise money.. well thats the plan!!
    you can see our sheep here
    t x

    • Your sheep are fantastic. I’m planning on starting with some wensleydales in the summer, but I would also like some hebrideans. There are some jacobs in our field at the moment (although they’re not mine) and they are so curious they never run away when we are out and about in the garden or meadow but almost cock their heads to one side as they watch us!

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