This isn’t really a big surprise to me, I know that order makes me happy.  However, it is not just I like order, I cannot bear disorder.  Many eons ago when the dancer was less tidy than she is now I had to sleep in her bed (think of the inside of one of those kaleidoscopes where  little bits of coloured paper fly everywhere and multiply it a thousandfold and you have a vague hint of the disorder that once was her bedroom).  It was those heady days when, during the course of the night various small people would crawl into our bed, I gave up fighting for space and crawled into her bed.  I lay there and tossed and turned and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t relax and then it hit me (in all likelihood quite literally there was that much stuff about), I couldn’t relax because I knew that I was lying in the middle of the mother of all disorders.  So at 2.00am I got up and tidied up,  I then returned to bed and drifted peacefully off to sleep.  Over the years of living with the dancer, the runners, the boss and an awful lot of animals I have had to evolve and adapt, but inside there is a metronome beating out a nice steady and ordered rhythm and yesterday one look at my desk sent it into apoplexy.

This was why I wasn’t getting any work done, this was why I was high on displacement actvity.  The filing was the first to go, swiftly followed by several bills and for a nice balance paying in several cheques.  A swift dust and some flowers and a candle and suddenly my desk was mine again and I promptly rattled off two hours of work.


4 responses to “order

  1. I really cannot sleep in a messy room, I know just what you mean but sadly I am the only member of the household who feels this the ways, the others seem to be able to carry on their lives blissfully unaware of the chaos that surrounds them. Sigh.

  2. Totally agree with you there..i can’t settle and concentrate until everything is orderly..a tidy house = tidy mind..it must drive my hubby potty..he is the continual muck magnet in my life..even all the children have learnt and are learning to put things away..makes life so less stressful and much more relaxing…

    • Sara I have a muck magnet too, but he seems to lose magnetic power as he moves around the house and leaves a slug trail of belongings wherever he goes.

      Rebecca, it’s wierd isn’t it. I cannot understand them as they put their heads down amidst the chaos, but then they think I am bonkers too!

  3. Gillie totally true..he can devastate the house in a matter of moments..i know exactly where he is and what he has been doing by the detritus that falls off him..haha..bless him..he would give worzel gummidge a run for his money..total scruff but his heart is in the right place..

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