I knew it was going to be cold this morning.  Not because they said so on the weather forecast because to believe what they tell me would be silly and possibly quite dangerous if I were to plan ahead on the basis of their information (Michael Fish will never live down his famous dismissal of a forthcoming hurricane, I was living in London at the time and was bemused by the upturned cars and uprooted trees outside my flat along with the lack of electricity and telephone, as I had been led to believe that there was no hurricane on the way.  One of the advantages of deafness is that I slept through the whole thing!)  No I knew it would be cold this morning because when I let the dogs out last night the frost had already begun to settle and they didn’t hang around outside.

So I was not surprised when I peered out of the window this morning and saw this.

The light was fantastic and showed Rocky’s colours off beautifully as he crowed and strutted around.  Sadly by the time I came back out with my camera he had retreated by the back of the kennel and was more interested in breakfast, so you will have to admire the sheep instead.

Being very cold, the runners were particularly keen to get to training this morning.  No I don’t understand it either but I duly picked them up after Song School and deposited them at Maiden Castle where I saw this lovely frozen bicycle.

Frost is like snow, it covers all the little scratches and bumps but unlike snow it almost always comes with a glorious clear fresh light that makes me want to get up and go.


2 responses to “frost

  1. Our dog is a great weather forecaster..nice and warm he won’t come in..cold and he is like speedy gonzales..and he won’t budge from his bed whatsoever in the the moment he is curled up and not moving..won’t go for his walk so its going to be cold tonight..who needs michael fish just ask patch lol

  2. Our three are completely comatose in front of the fire and quite uninterested in a walk, so I reckon it will be pretty cold here again tonight too!


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