Today I will be going to a thanksgiving service following the funeral of an amazing woman.  When I was thinking about her and what I wanted to write in my letter to her husband I realised that in every image and every memory I conjured up of her she was smiling.  She radiated happiness, she was a pleasure to be with and genuinely lit up a room whenever she entered.

Today I am thankful for her life and all that she brought to everyone who knew her.  But I am also thankful for my own life and all I have.  I want for nothing, indeed there are things I would like and do not have, but I do not need them.  I have more than I could ever need and more than I could dream of.  I have a wonderful family that I cherish dearly, friends who care about me and I for them.  I am well fed and clothed and healthy.  I live in a house I love with enough resources to enable me to live a lifestyle I enjoy.  I have a faith which strengthens me, supports me, consoles me and excites me and gives me hope.  What more could I ask for?  Nothing.  Today I am happy to be alive and to be me.


One response to “alive

  1. I couldn’t agree more with those sentiments..we all want things but never see what we really have..i am thankful for my children,husband,family,friends and the roof over my head…everyday is a blessing and a i use that to get a full and rich life..not rich financially but i am loved and i love in return…

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