“I waited for the Lord” by Mendelssohn is a beautiful duet.  It is even more beautiful when it is your child, or in my case, children singing it.  The runners are also choristers at Durham Cathedral and this evening, together, they sang the duet at Evensong.  I am surprised bits of me were not found scattered liberally around the Cathedral I was so proud and so happy I am sure I ought to have burst.

Children can bring tears of frustration, sadness, anger and joy.  Today they gave me immense joy.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing, sometimes it is the note in a childish scrawl that says “sorry” or “I love you”.  Sometimes it is an unasked for cup of tea when I am tired.  Now they are older and more fashion conscious joy can easily be given with a compliment on my outfit by the ever rigorous fashion police!  I wish I could package up all these moments and take them out again when I feel low for that would be the cure for even the blackest day.


6 responses to “evensong

  1. Oh, that’s lovely, Gillian. Shame you haven’t got the recording here – I’d love to hear them.

  2. Sandie I do have a recording, although I have no idea how to upload it. Will consult nearest toddler and hope for the best!

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful thing.

  4. Thank you Rebecca.

  5. How wonderful. My older daughter is are just starting to sing formally, and I am usually reduced to tears by the concerts she sings in with her choir!

  6. Isn’t it funny how we cry at the happiest moments as well as the saddest. I do a lot of crying, fortunately mostly for happy things 🙂

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