I’ve been a bit low on hope recently.  I don’t mean that I am expecting the world to come to a sudden and gruesome end, but more of a rather flat feeling.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who can feel that way, and in the current economic and social climate I am sure that there are many more than before.  Flicking through my old photos I came across this one.  I took it in December 2009 when I took part in a march on Parliament prior to the Copenhagen Summit.  As it happened there was no miracle at Copenhagen, far from it, it was in fact little short of a failure.  But perhaps we were imagining and expecting the wrong miracle – for the whole point of a miracle is that it is something you cannot comprehend until it has happened.  At Cancun the following year an agreement was reached, not a binding treaty but far more than had been expected after the dismal result from Copenhagen.

So today when I finished writing my morning pages and realised I still felt rather flat I looked at this photograph again and  then printed it and stuck it on my fridge.  For I can imagine and I can expect and perhaps something I could never have comprehended will happen, maybe not to me but enough to make me appreciate that there is always hope.


4 responses to “hope

  1. The world is a depressing place at the minute. We seem to be battered with dreary news all the time.

    you really do have to look for the small things. For me, it was noticing blossom on our tree yesterday, and really really looking forward to seeing everyone at Gibside. I know I won’t achieve anything monumental, but a weekend in good company is good for the soul (if not the body)

    • It is the little things, the little steps that make all the difference. I am so looking forward to Gibside, but am taking knitting and writing with me. Having acknowledged I am not really in a scrapping mood I am going to concentrate on what I do feel like doing and just enjoy the company 🙂

  2. I think we’re all feeling a bit battered and low recently. My dad has a plan – ban all press coverage for a week and see whether that helps the mood of the nation!

  3. Funnily enough the daybook I have been reading (a reading a day for a year) suggests just that – no news for a week. It was written during the last recession and feels as if it was written last week!

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