I am a little bit deaf. Actually I am a lot deaf, as in one ear is merely there for decorative effect and for hanging earrings from.  However, as the other one works reasonably okay I probably count as a little bit deaf.  Nonetheless, in order to make the decorative ear work for its living it also sports a rather smart NHS hearing aid as well as pearl earrings.

Today I was called into audiology to have a check on the new deaf aid.  Our local hospital is wonderful, it is small and looked down upon by the two hospitals at either end of the county but I would rather be treated there than the other two any day; the staff are friendly, helpful, kind and downright fantastic and the lovely Jason put a huge smile on my face today.  I have massive problems trying to change the tube on the deaf aid.  I can never get it in the right place and I end up with the said aid flopping around like a flag at half mast, which not only looks ridiculous but is a tad uncomfortable as well and it doesn’t work very well which rather defeats the point of the thing in the first place.    Jason put a new tube on for me and after several goes said that it was a funny shaped mould  (that would be because I have not only a non working ear but apparently a funny shaped one too!) and it was indeed jolly difficult to get the new tube in.  He told me I wasn’t a numpty for my previous failures, he was helpful, he was cheerful, he was chatty and he had time for me.

Three cheers for Jason and everyone else who takes the time for  the people they pass the day with.  It makes the world of difference and is why I love my local hospital and why I drove home today with a big smile on my face.


2 responses to “time

  1. It does make such a huge difference when someone takes the time to be kind as well as do the job they’re there for. Hurrah for the Jasons of this world!

  2. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone took time for just one person every day. Wouldn’t the world be a happier place.

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