Everyone likes praise.  Even the smallest pat on the back can give you the lift you need to ovecome the biggest hurdle.  Today when I emptied the post box there was a big white envelope.  Ah ha, I thought I know what that is, it’s my assignment back from the proofreading course I’ve been doing.  So, safe in the knowledge that I knew what it was and fearful of the grading I put it at the back of the pile and started with the water bill which I felt would be more manageable first thing on a Saturday morning.

There is, however, only so much procrastination a girl can do (even me, the procrastination queen) so I opened it and it wasn’t my assignment at all it was a story I had submitted to the annual Mslexia short story competition.  I had opted for a professional critique as well and now I knew what it was I was truly fearful. 

Since writing that story I have written several more short stories, which I thought were considerably better, I have also ploughed on to the tune of over 50,000 words on a novel.  I began to read the critique with a heavy heart.  But it was good, it was very good, she thought a publisher might  be interested in a collection of stories along the same lines.  In short, she did not think I was utter rubbish.

That made me very, very happy.


3 responses to “praise

  1. Clearly you are not rubbish 🙂 I could have told you that.

  2. Thank you Bev – but you have been listening to my verbal diarhorrea for so long (not to metion the singing) that you have a medal in your own right 🙂

  3. Wow – what a fabulous boost – how exciting!

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