The pigs have made a veritable pig’s ear of the orchard and meadow.  It is thick mud and most unpleasant; particularly if you are a chicken or a duck (the geese seem less perturbed by the mire).  Bella and Bessie have been temporarily moved to indoor accommodation pending their relocation (I hope) to a new home north of the Border.  In the meantime a big clear out was required in the poultry house.  Mucking out is not easy when there are two porcine helpers rooting through the muck pile so we took the opportunity, whilst they are reclining in straw bales in the old stables to  give the hen house a good going over.  I am soaked, I am covered in mud and I hate to think what I smell like – but I do like a good fresh hen house, and I think the hens like it too:)


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