At 6.30 this morning it was fairly dark and very cold.  The frost was thick on the ground and I remembered to warm the car up before we headed off to the station to drop the dancer off for the school train and the runners back to school (after a night away) in time for Song School.  Return journey to pick up River and take her to the vet to get her ears checked only to discover that she is apparently going through a phantom pregnancy.  Oh great, a Newfoundland intent on building a nest!

The rest of the morning was spent deep in paperwork so I was quite taken aback when I went outside to walk the dogs and discovered how light and bright and warm it was. The light was fantastic, bright and springlike and full of promise for the year to come.

It was too warm for my jacket and I needed sunglasses.  The hens were dozing in the hedgerows, the ducks were following each other around like sheep or the lost boys from Peter Pan in an endless game of following the leader, but Honker and Hooter were on top form.  They knew it was spring and they were out and about hissing and sticking their tongues out at everyone, including a bemused River.

I love it when a day turns out to be something you don’t expect; when ice turns to sun and suddenly it’s great to be out and about, especially when you need sunglasses on 1st March.


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