Yesterday I had to go to the post office to send my niece her birthday present.  Consequently I have some new yarn.  Anybody who is not a knitter will think this is a complete non-sequitor, but the rest of you will understand completely how a trip to the post office can yield some rather lovely yarn even in a town totally devoid of any proper yarn shops at all.

Deep in the covered market, buried behind the enormous and rather bright machine washable balls I found this.  Pale, soft and perfect for this seaside throw.  I skipped back up the hill.  For now I have a new project ready and waiting as I complete the toe of my last sock, and better still  I have a whole weekend away with friends for scrapping, and knitting and chatting and reading and walking and writing and I am so happy.


2 responses to “yarn

  1. I “get” you Gillie……we have a wonderful yarn shop here that really only got off the ground last summer, I so nearly diversified into yarn but am so glad I didn’t as it would have been at the same time. Now I am free to enjoy it 🙂 what pattern are you using for your throw?

    • I wish we had a wonderful yarn shop. There’s one in Barney that’s apparently excellent, but it is a bit of a hike for a mooch, and I really ought to use the yarn I have (heard that one before, substitute fabric/fleeces/patterned paper etc!) before I get any more!
      The throw is from the Debbie Bliss Home Book, I think it’s called seaside throw. I’ll see if I can find a picture.

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