time out

You know the feeling, every weekend for the foreseeable future is busy, the bits in between the aforementioned weekends are taken up doing the stuff you would normally have done the previous weekend and getting ready for whatever you are doing the following weekend.

Life has been a bit like that recently.  My entire annual social life has been condensed into March and while I am delighted to have a social life, I was beginning to feel a little stressed about how I was going to fit everything in.  I have got a lot better about going with the flow, channeling my inner Julian of Norwich, accepting that whatever happens, or indeed does not happen, it will all be fine, but every now and then I look at the calendar and go “AAAAAGH!”

So I was completely unprepared for this weekend, going away with a group of girlfriends for our annual sleepover crop.  I hadn’t printed any photographs, I hadn’t sorted out paper or tools.  All I had was some knitting and a book. I couldn’t find the time to get ready, there was always something more important that had to be done and the days were slipping away.   Then suddenly an unknown force galvanised me into action and at the eleventh hour I was super organised and ready to go.

And I had a ball.  It doesn’t matter how busy you are, even if all you can manage is five minutes with your eyes shut in a quiet room, rather than a weekend away, it is time well spent, everybody needs to recharge their batteries.  The washing will wait go and take a couple of minutes to do something just for you.  You and everyone around you will be so much better for it


2 responses to “time out

  1. Hi Gillie,
    I am glad you had a time-out. You are right. It does not have to be a long time-out to feel refreshed. Then we can go about our duties again with love and gratitude instead of resentment. Perhaps you know that old truism”when mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”.

    • skybluepinkish

      You are so right Margie, and that quote about mama is spot on (and I think the reverse is true too).

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