Spring is on its way and it has been heralded by Hooter commencing the production of these beauties.  The hens have been laying for a while but geese are more particular and it would seem that she requires just the right combination of light and warmth before she will lay.  However, from now on in, we should be getting one of these every day for the next couple of months.

I love eggs of all varieties, but I do love a goose egg and have been known to eat a whole one all by myself (!)  They are very rich and have obscenely high fat and cholesterol levels so that is an exceedingly rare treat.  Today I made cake, substituting two of Hooters finest for the five required by the recipe and I am most content.


3 responses to “eggs

  1. Sponge cake made with goose eggs is a rare treat!!!


  2. skybluepinkish

    Indeed, and a warm slice with my cup of tea after lunch was a particularly lovely treat 🙂

  3. Can’t wait for my new girls to start laying! The older ones gave us a few eggs in Feruary but have fizzled out 😦

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