I am a little like that eponymous bunny, the one that just keeps going until the batteries run out.  Yesterday the batteries ran out.  At 8.30 I was exhausted, by 9.00 I could hardly keep my eyes open  and the words on the page of my book began to take on a life of their own unrelated to the author’s original intentions.  By the time I had hung on by my fingertips to 9.20 I wasn’t entirely sure I would make it up to bed and thought (such as thought was possible at that stage) that it was entirely possible that my children would have to step gingerly over me as they made their own way up some hours later.

I did make it under the covers and slept solidly until the alarm went off at 6.45.  A solid nine hours sleep, which is considerably more than I normally achieve during term time when I have to crawl out at 6.00.  Not only was I warm, well rested and comfortable in  my half awake early morning doze, but better still the boss had offered to do the early morning station run to take the dancer to her school train.  So not only had I had a very good, and much  needed night’s sleep, I could also sit up with a gentle cup of tea, watch the geese fly over the pond in their early morning wake up cycle and put the words back in the right place in my novel, which in a moment of pure indulgence I decided to stay in bed and finish.

By the time I finally got up at 9.00am almost twelve hours after I first crept under the covers I was a very happy bunny indeed.

Then the icing on the cake, as I worked through the day’s list I decided to take time to look once more for a much loved blog that had unexpectedly disappeared, the sun was surely shining for the blog is back.  If you’re reading this, you know who you are.  You put a smile on my face today as well.  Thank you.


4 responses to “sleep

  1. Hi Gillie,
    What precious images you have shared with us today! If you are referring to FQ back with her blog, I agree she is a ray of sunshine.
    Happy Springtime!

    • skybluepinkish

      Indeed I am Margie, I was so pleased to see her back in blogland. Thank you for your kind comments, I am considering another early night tonight, although I will be on the sparrowsquark run tomorrow morning!

  2. All those sleepy photos make me want to go straight back to bed!!!
    Thanks ever so much for your message, it really was interesting. I’ll try and see if I can get a precise diagnosis, it would make life easier to know exactly what the matter is with me! Oh and if you do find the ice cream recipe, please send it over my way!! 🙂

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