Look around your house, or perhaps just a room you spend a lot of time in.  What do you like about it?  Is it the colour of the walls, the way the light comes through the windows, the comfortable chair, the memories of good times?  Probably all of these, yesterday as I sat at my computer I realised that there were three tiny and silly little things on my desk that I would miss terribly if they were not there.  They are valueless to anyone but me, and at least one is broken, but they are part of my study and I love them.

Meet Mr Frog, until an untimely accident removed him from the circus he used to slide down a sort of wooden ladder.  He is also the star of the famous Mr Frog stories without which the dancer and the runners would not go to bed.  The author of these stories masquerades during daylight hours as a doctor but is far better known here as the chronicler of the astonishing and wild life of the irrepressible Mr Frog.

Bear once had a tummy full of lavender but like Mr Frog has succumbed to the privations of old age and has lost his aromatic heart.  He was a gift from an old friend I’m not sure whether he was intended for me or the runners!  But he has done his best to keep me on the straight and narrow and not disappear off websurfing when I should be doing the accounts for many years and I think he is smiling.

Finally my chorister.  I made her and she reminds me of the runners whilst they are away at school.  I have made one each for them in the cathedral purple, but at the time I only had turquoise to hand,  I wonder which cathedral has turquoise cassocks?  I’ve never seen any.  Is there an approved list of cassock colours?


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