I love to cook, the chemistry, the experimentation, the taste, the excitement of a new dish, the cosy familarity of an old favourite, but most of all I love to share food.  To nurture and provide, to take raw ingredients and turn them into a meal that we can share.  My mother is a fantastic cook, in lean and in plenty she can provide a feast out of an empty cupboard, I have learned from her how to make a roast joint into three meals, how to stretch and make do without compromising on taste and pleasure.

Taking my cue from the wonderful Froogs I dug out a bag of chickpeas from my cupboard and have just made the most delicious falafel. There were four more, but I ate them!

Then I made humous.

We will have some of both tonight with an omelette made from these (thank you Hooter).

The flowers were a treat this morning from our lovely local florist and will brighten up our dinner table. I have to confess to being rather tired of our daffodils and wanted a change.


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