There are two points in the washing time line. The first is when you feel confident enough to hang the washing out on the line at the beginning of spring.  If you are lucky enough not to have to run in and out like an overexcited puppy every time the clouds poke out their fluffy noses then the chances are that you will still have to defrost the sheets before you can iron them

The second point in the time line is when you can hang out the washing, one load after another and know that it will all come in fluffy and dry and smelling delightful  (the only exception being if you are unfortunate enough to time your washing day with muck spreading day, but that can hardly be blamed on the weather).

This week we finally hit point two.  I have been filling my line with washing, load after load and it is wonderful.  I am full of joy and all I have been doing is hanging out the washing.  I can almost feel a song coming along …..”Twas on a Monday morning, when I beheld my darling, she looked so sweet and charming in every high degree …………..”


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