Monthly Archives: May 2011

spring clean

In all honesty I don’t need spring as an excuse to have a good clear out, sort out, tidy and general spruce up.  It is probably one of my favourite activities, it is a family joke that my Mothering Sunday treat each year is to be allowed to settle in one room and gut it from top to bottom without interruption other than regular cups of tea followed by a chilled glass of white wine towards the closing moments.

The gift of a six day break (Thursday and Tuesday are my days off so I don’t go back to work until Wednesday) was too good to pass up.  Thursday was given over to ferrying people around and some general mental planning.  Friday was given over to enjoying the beautiful wedding service and whooping it up in the village wedding reception (where the dancer was cast as Catherine and very beautiful she looked too – sadly my mother of the bride outfit was not quite so  lovely as Mrs Middleton’s, but then she did have more notice, and quite probably a lot larger budget!)

But come Sunday afternoon I was ready to roll up my sleeves and get down and dirty.  By the end of Monday the final tally is:

  • Three outbuildings completely gutted, one repacked neatly the other two remain empty at last
  • Laundry and utility room
  • Under the kitchen sink
  • Kitchen dump box
  • Winter hats and coats
  • The boss’s bedside cabinet (that was quite scary actually, I’m not sure it has been cleared before, certainly not in my lifetime)
  • Pantry and larder – these took all day today but I am particularly pleased with them.  They are always the most challenging.

So now I am very happy indeed, so easily pleased 🙂