orange juice

First thing in the morning what I want is a cup of tea, plain breakfast tea without milk.  I like to repeat the process several times throughout the day.  I am a big tea drinker.  I rarely drink anything else with breakfast when I am at home.  Now, at hotels it’s a different matter and I gorge on tomato juice with lashings of Leas & Perrins.

But orange juice, unless perhaps freshly squeezed on an Italian terrace overlooking the vinyards, is not high up on my wish list.  Which perhaps is fortunate as the dancer and the runners inhale the stuff and I can hardly keep up with their consumption level.  So, now that they are staying with my mother (and drinking her out of orange juice) there is plenty in my fridge.  So I had a glass this morning.  It was delightful, so I was reckless and had another one!  I rather like orange juice, it’s not got the soothing gentle wake up of my cuppa, it’s more of a chilly get up and go boost.  A revealation at 47!


3 responses to “orange juice

  1. For some reason I only ever fancy Orange Juice when I am getting a cold, it’s like some internal mechanism tells me to go and get Vitamin C and get it quickly.

  2. I’m a tea addict too. Never ever coffee, it’s the smell that puts me off!
    I very very rarely have orange juice, even in hotels. On the thankfully rare occasions when recovering from being very poorly, my first craving will be for grapefruit juice.

    PS knitted lace isn’t as difficult as it looks – be brave and have a go 😉

  3. skybluepinkish

    Celia, perhaps a simple long thick scarf – if I try anything too clever I am bound to tie it up in knots. My holiday project maybe 🙂

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