hamish macbeth

Many years ago we used to watch a programme called Hamish Macbeth, set in the fictional fishing village of Lochdubh (actually Plockton) it followed the life of the village constable, the eponymous Hamish Macbeth.  It was funny,  sad, surreal, slightly eerie and caught the spirit of life in a small Highland community (and possibly small communities elsewhere but I can’t comment on that) in the way that is rare in television drama. Having just moved to England, albeit the north only an hour from the Border but England nonetheless, we tuned in every week for our HM fix.  Since then we have found we have referenced it in so many contexts; I can’t watch Robert Carlyle in anything without expecting to see Wee Jock bounce up (I even looked for him in Trainspotting) and any mention of the Brahan Seer always brings TV John to mind. So it was with some excitement that I unwrapped the full boxed set that the runners and dancer had given the boss, and the boss and I sat down to a feast of the first three episodes.  It might seem a little gluttonous to wolf down three episodes in one sitting, but it was good, very, very good.


7 responses to “hamish macbeth

  1. Ah, Hamish Macbeth was brilliant. The perfect Sunday night viewing.

    And it was to my eternal glee that I married a chap whose uncle played TV John’s evil brother in the closing episodes, and married to that chap, was the lady who played the landlady!


  2. skybluepinkish

    Not only Hamish Macbeth but Para Handy too!

  3. Aye, Uncle Sean was in that too!

    • skybluepinkish

      I know, I recognised the name. That was another favourite along with Scotch & Rye with Rikki Fulton and Gregor Fisher.

  4. How I loved that show, it made me desperately want to move to the Highlands. Monarch of the Glen was another of my favourites.

    • Yup, that was another Sunday night favourite but lovely though it was I don’t think it caught the dark humour quite as well.

  5. I visit Plockton quite often ! The Shores restaurant is fab! One of my finest pupils lives right next door to the Shores! I will pass on your best wishes to the village the next time I go!

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