Yesterday we went to the beach.  We were not in the Caribbean, certainly not in Dubai, not even some sunny or not so sunny spot in Europe.  We were in Great Yarmouth.

There was endless space on the (sandy) beach,  the family nearest us played a rowdy game of rounders with no fear of hitting anyone other than themselves.  We could have hired deckchairs, loungers and windbreaks for the fraction of a cost of a European coffee.  In fact we opted for towels on the sand and the chance to bury the children, well at least one of the runners!

We paddled, runner 2 swam.  Although I will grant that the water is somewhat cooler than the Caribbean the sun was out in full force and it was glorious.  We had fish and chips for lunch and we cooled down with a walk along the front, a play on the pier and an impromptu shower on the log flume at the Pleasure Beach.

Simple pleasures at home and not a single hour wasted at the airport J


2 responses to “paddling

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time. Hope you find lots of hidden treasures in Norwich… a wonderful rainy day option. I’d head for the Market, the Royal Arcade and the Castle. Oh and I’d pop into Wholesome in Swan Lane for a cuppa and some of Dr Tim Kinnaird’s macarons
    PS: Verandah in Upper St Giles has some nice stuff too 😉

    • We had a lovely day thank you, despite the somewhat inclement weather. We went to the Cathedral, Royal Arcade, the Lanes, the Market and a general potter. We got a fantastic fondue set in the Salvation Army shop and loved all the quirky shops, so so much better than Durham which is full of chain stores. I think we will have to go back later next week to see all the other things we missed! Now to decide where to go today – the discussion was inconclusive last night!

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