a bargain, some yarn, a glass of wine and a visitor

This was the end to a perfect day.  This was preceded by an amble through Cromer.  The  flowers in the churchyard (an explosion of Cosmos) were so high the tops of the gravestones were only just peeking out over the top.  The church itself was light and airy.  As our own, rebuilt church is without stained glass windows I am used to light and airy and I like it.  In this case the windows to the north and south had been lost due to bombing in the war.  Although some of the original east windows remained it was the stunning Resurrection Window at the west end which took my breath away.  No pictures I am afraid.  Even where churches allow it somehow it doesn’t feel right to me.  You’ll just have to visit for yourself!

From Cromer we went on to Sherringham for lunch and bought an abundance of fruit and vegetables for supper.  Holidays clearly make us hungry!  Here I stumbled across the bargain.  A wonderful red and white cross weave cotton skirt in a second hand shop for £4.  Not only did it fit perfectly, look great but it was also a size smaller than I usually wear!  I am not so naive as to believe I have dropped a dress size (certainly not with all the eating we have been doing) but it certainly put a smile on my face.

Our final stop was Holt.  This was home to my greatest discovery of the day.  Les Tricoteuses is the most divine yarn shop.  I knew it was there but I couldn’t find it, then I spotted a chic white bag with the magic words Les Tricoteuses printed upon it.  I sidled up to the owner and with the stealth of a secret stash purchaser I quietly enquired of directions.  Oh bliss, it was just around the corner.   Reader, I gave in.  Actually I didn’t really try very hard to resist.  There was much to tempt me but it was this, Scrumptious Chunky by Fyberspates in Biscuit and Cherry that was calling me the loudest.  I am thinking perhaps a neat little jacket style cardigan in Biscuit with Cherry trim.  I will finish the throw first and until then I will restrict myself to stroking and sniffing my newest acquisition.  Oh and I didn’t need to be too secretive, the boss likes it too.

And then finally, before I went in for our crab and lobster salad supper, this fellow came along.


One response to “a bargain, some yarn, a glass of wine and a visitor

  1. Les Tricoteuses – oh no! another shop on my must visit list!

    That does sound like the most lovely of days… seems like you’re enjoying the best of North Norfolk.


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