sent to coventry?

This blog is, in the main about the things I discover along the way that make me happy.  They are big things, little things and sometimes quite unexpected things.  This post is a momentary diversion and a question; I would appreciate your opinions.

Recently I have had more time on my hands and I have enjoyed pottering through blogs I haven’t read for a while and discovering new ones.  I know how much I like to read your comments so I try to leave comments on the blogs I like.  I always make the blog relevant, and as I only leave comments on blogs I like my posts are complimentary.  I have never knowingly used inappropriate language nor commercial brand names etc. etc.

So why is it that three of the blogs on which I posted either yesterday or this morning my posts have not been approved?  More recent posts than mine have been so it isn’t a time issue.  Have I inadvertently offended or have I failed to meet an unseen code?

What guidelines do you use to approve posts?  Do you delete posts other than spam etc?


4 responses to “sent to coventry?

  1. I don’t use the ‘approve’ option.
    Very occasionally I delete a comment, the criteria are:
    – a repeated comment (a technical glitch has meant the person’s comment has come in twice)
    – a comment left by a company that’s obviously just a ruse to get traffic to a website selling really really naff stuff.
    – spam that has slipped through the net (v. rare these days) clicking on the sender goes to a very dubious site.

    That’s it.
    All the rest stay whatever they say.

  2. I very rarely delete a comment – usually it’s a duplicate. Unless a comment is really rude (hasn’t happened to me yet!), even if I disagree with it I’ll publish it – and if I feel strongly about it, I might include a reply to it in my next post. My feeling about your situation is that there’s a glitch with Blogger! It often happens that you read about people not being able to leave comments on various blogs, it comes and goes but Blogger is most definitely not glitch-free!

  3. Hey ho, the blogger imps have been at it again 🙂

  4. I think it must be a glitch. We bloggers are generally delighted by any comment received and display them proudly.

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