autumnal resolutions

One of the things I love about this time of year is the newness of everything.   After the long summer we tidy up and start again.  I make my best resolutions in September.  Instead of the desperate “I’m going to lose two stone/never use my credit card again/exercise five times a week” resolutions that tend to get made after the excesses of the Christmas holiday these are aspirations.  Because they are not made to punish but to enrich they also tend to be kept.

My life will be very different from this September because I have left my previous job and though I will still be doing two days a week for the school, I will be working much more from home and the days I work will be up to me.  It is tempting to fill all that time with the million and one things I have been wanting to do for the past five years.  But I am taking little steps and just dropping one or two things in and seeing how I get on. 

But I am tremendously excited and utterly grateful that I have been given this chance to do things a little differently, more slowly perhaps and certainly more frugally but what a gift!  I have completed one project and there are only a few tweaks before it is sent out into the wide world.  I am one very happy bunny.

Oh and in case you are wondering, the photographs are from my garden this morning, evidence of how beautiful September can be.


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