I once had a blog with a title that while derived from a totally innocent nick name of mine had a tendency to drive traffic that was bound to be disappointed when it got there. Checking the search engine terms in my stats used to provide endless amusement.

So it was slightly more than idle curiosity that led me to see what drove people here.  Well pass the feather and knock me down, it’s an old post about good old Marion Richardson (that will be another half dozen visitors just like that).  Copperplate gets an honorary mention, but it is the woman who unwittingly drove me to the loops and curlicues of copperplate who gets top billing.

I had no idea that handwriting was such a fascinating subject, nor that a woman who I thought nobody other than a handful of seventies children had ever heard of  and now has a school named after her in Stepney would generate traffic to my blog almost every day.  I can only assume they must be very disappointed when they get here.

For the record, I hated her handwriting lessons hence the fact I write in copperplate.


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