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I cannot bear to write anything without a title.  It may not be the title with which the work is finally sent out into the world, but it can’t live in my house without a name.  Oddly enough the sermon this morning was, aptly for Easter (and also for Grace Thea’s baptism) about names.  I would love to be able to precis it with wit and style, but I can’t. It was good, especially for a very mixed and very “all age” service and Rick did well.  But back to names for works rather than people.

Old fogeys like me that had to work in DOS and thought the non-WYSIWYG WordStar and WordPerfect were the epitome of zippy computing  will remember file names that went something like this 1864573.wp.  In the early days of email (which was a huge step up from manually sending files modem to modem and put the phone out of use for hours at a time for file little longer than half a dozen pages) my email address was an easy to remember little number not unlike this…  I remember the thrill of being informed by compuserve that as an original and long standing customer I was to be given preference in taking up the name  Strangely I don’t think I would have had much competition.

But names matter, and I can’t write unless the job in hand has a proper one.  Not a working title that means nothing, even in my banking days I thought it showed a total lack of commitment to the new post merger company to call it NewCo – which is what 90% of them were called.  No my WIP need real names that, even if they are not the ones they are ultimately wearing when I send them out, they could have worn, if I hadn’t found them a better one.

So, taking a leaf out of the book of the talented Jackie Buxton ( I am asking you for help.  Current WIP started out as A Slip of the Mind , it currently answers to The Dorothy Summer.  As it features both dementia and a key character called Dorothy whose arrival in the summer of 1976 changed the lives of the rest of the characters both are apt.  But which is the better. I rather like the latter but wonder if the title is over used  (The Greengage Summer, The Dragonfly Summer).  What do you think?   You can read the unedited first few thousand words via the link above if you feel the urge, or not, as the case may be.


9 responses to “no working title

  1. As a working title I like the Dorothy Summer. Slip of the Mind would mean anything, but Dorothy is a catalyst and needs her time in the limelight.

  2. Dorothy currently has the edge here too.

  3. I quite like The Dorothy Summer. I can’t find the link to read the excerpt…hope you’ve had a great easter and look forward to meeting up soon, I miss you xxx

  4. I think the link it right at the top on the menu bar, under writing.

  5. Jobs in Nigeria

    i like Dorothy Summer

  6. Oh! I was having a little wander around your blog and found a link to mine, thank you kindly! So yes, as you know, I’m next to useless at this title thing so it’s probably apt that my gut reaction was with the title your other respondents haven’t gone for so far – A Slip of the Mind. I just like this for its intrigue and syntax but do wonder if it’s been used before? Then I wondered about bringing in Dorothy – such as Dorothy’s Mind or A Piece of Dorothy (which I quite liked because of the dementia link). But really, best to ignore me on this theme… Good luck with it and I certainly like the sound of the blurb. Have you read Tea with Guppies by Marika Cobbold? It’s set in an old people’s home,is quite emotional but with loads of black humour. Just thought I’d mention it as it’s one of my favourite reads of recent times and in the beginning, everybody told Marika nobody would buy a book about old people. Pah! to that!
    Keep us posted.
    PS Also liked the look back at early email etc. and not just because that must make you a teensy bit older than me 😉

  7. Jackie, I will forgive you the email jibe because I am sure I am older than you and also I am quite proud of being online before the www :).

    I’ve read Tea with Guppies and loved it. I think black humour makes us laugh deeper because we know if we don’t laugh we’ll cry.

    I like the idea of Dorothy and slip of the mind although I would need to work on that as Dorothy isn’t the one with dementia, but that’s a small issue.

    Hope the caramel chocolate tray bakes did well!

  8. Actually, it IS hugely impressive to have been online before the www – I remember people doing ‘Computer Science’ O-level (I’m pre-GCSEs so I’m hot on your heels…) and thinking they were all some kind of ubermensch talking in a complicated language of ‘bits’ and ‘points’ and ‘obliques’ (nobody said ‘slash’ then) but that I didn’t need to worry about it making absolutely no sense at all because it would only ever be needed by people wanting to fly to the moon. I do still have a healthy respect for computer programmers.
    Funny that Dorothy isn’t the one with the dementia :-). Glad you enjoyed Tea with Guppies.
    Keep blogging, love ’em.
    PS No word on the tray bakes yet…I can’t say I’m too hopeful…

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