graciously receiving

It is better to give than to recieve.  That may or may not be true, but the result of such indoctrination is that very few of us are able to recieve a gift with grace.  You think I’m talking garbage.  Okay.  The last time you were complimented on your appearence.  Did you say:

A)    Thank you.

B)     Oh, I got this in the charity shop, I’ve had it years and there’s a dog poo stain just here, see?

C)     Oh my gosh, but not as glamorous as you,  I love that dress it’s so gorgeous and really shows off your wonderful waist.

I thought so.

Answer A is the only one which recognises the gift of the speaker, acknowledges that they have taken the time to notice.  The other two are, in my opinion, rather rude.  Answer B implies that the speaker doesn’t know what they are talking about and Answer C dismisses the compliment as worthless.

Few people are able to accept gifts with grace.  As a result we miss out on so much.  Most people are inherently generous and kind.  We want people that we like, love or respect to be happy, we want to be able to help where we can.  Yet we are so often blind to the many gifts that pass by us each day that that is indeed what they do, pass us by.  We don’t believe that he really meant it when the chap next to you at dinner offered to hear you play the cello. Why? Because he is a music critic who happens to know somebody wanting to set up a string quartet, so why on earth would he offer to hear you play?  Quite.  I rest my case.  But how many times have you said, “they didn’t really mean it.”  Too many.

Take up the offer, accept the gift, and do it with a smile and a gracious and grateful heart.



4 responses to “graciously receiving

  1. Oh this is a good one, yes. I am *dreadful* at accepting compliments to the point, I think, where people just don’t bother as they anticipate it’ll be brushed away.

    I’m more of a B person in general. But you’re right, it’s rude – “thank you” is the correct response… and, alas, the hardest one.


  2. I could not agree with you more, it as if people are surrounded by a psychic semi permeable gortex screen that allows criticism through but is totally repellent to compliments. I’m busy getting my gratitude up to scratch……………

  3. Gosh, how true it this and yet, soooo hard! That modesty thing we’re taught when we’re impressionable rears its ugly head in abstract ways, that’s the trouble. But, yes, you’re right. Must.Try.Harder.

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