Monthly Archives: May 2012


Today is garden day.  Yesterday was revamp the bedroom day.  It was hard work, there is still stuff waiting to be rehomed and rehoused but our bedroom is more light, airy and feels a lot more tranquil.  It was good to wake up, roll over and see space.

So today I need to turn my attention to the garden.  I love an abundant garden full of flowers and fruit and vegetables.  But if I am honest I am not a great gardener.  I follow instructions sporadically, Gardeners’ Question Time is a source of endless fascination to me.  I never knew there were so many rules.  I am also irregular in my attention.  Consequently I have to spend hours and hours weeding because I leave it for so long that the bindweed naturalises and invites the rampaging buttercup over for tea.

I have completed the Extreme Weeding Challenge for this year and have sown some seeds, started to fill the greenhouse and put some hardier seedlings in the Vegetable Patch.  Today I intend to complete the task.  But today I shall do it differently.

Today I shall take my iPod out with me and garden to music.
Today I shall take a book or magazine out with me and take regular breaks to enjoy the view.
Today I shall wear a pretty skirt and not tatty jeans.
Today I shall stop when I feel like it and take the dogs for a walk.
Today it will be fun and not a job to be overcome.

Finally, today I shall take the flower bombs given to me in memory of Patrick Davies and set them free.