Lovely bloggers

For someone who gets only a handful of readers, which is unsurprising when you take into account how often I update my blog, I was stunned when I discovered I had been given another blog award.  I’ve never had a blog award in my entire life.  In fact my awards in general would leave a considerable amount of space if listed on the back of a postage stamp (Standard letter not Large letter).

This award has come from the lovely Scribbler68 at    She is funny, witty and has knowingly or unknowingly perked me up on numerous occasions and she has the art of the 140 character tweet down to a fine art.

Now as the recipient of said award I am supposed to nominate 15 other awards but I have only just done that on my previous post (awards currently behaving like buses).  So I would like to direct you to the Inspiring blogger post and encourage you to read the blogs I have listed there.  And blog owners – please consider yourself Lovely as well as Inspiring.


2 responses to “Lovely bloggers

  1. I’m not surprised to hear about this award. You are the most eloquent person I know, both orally and literally, in addition to being creative, inspirational, warm, kind and loving. I am priveleged to count you as a friend, in fact you are more like a sister to me. Don’t trivialise the reward by the bus analogy, you’ve earned it, accept it graciously, and hold your head up high and be proud that you are the pin-up girl for creative writing and inspire us all….the English language is slowly being eroded by slang, text, tabloid discourse etc to my utter disgust. We need people like you to fly the flag and extol the virtues of writing and the beauty of the English language and culture….mazel tov darling!xxxxxxxxxxxx

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