More planners

Once I’ve started reorganising something I do find it incredibly hard to stop until it is as near perfect as I am ever going to get it, and then I go back and tweak a bit more.  In some cases this is good, for example decluttering needs to be done regularly but is far easier to do if you do a little bit every now and then.  Weeding is similar, although I fear I could spend 24 hours a day with my speedweeder and foam knee pad and never be entirely on top of the jungle that I call my garden.  Sometimes you have to let go.  I can re-edit the first 3000 words of Timesmudger until 9th October in time for the 10th October deadline for the Mslexia Competition, or I could send the edit I have finally finished.  It IS possible that the 9th October version is better, but probably it would be so over edited as to bear little resemblance to the rest of the book so that’s a case of too much tweaking.

My planner reorganisation will not be complete until the Uncalendar arrives and I can start using the Textagenda (I am not one for wishing my life away at all, but I do wish I didn’t have to wait until 1st August).  So I am spending the in between time on some more tweaking.

I used to use one list for work and home.  As I only work two days a week and some of that at home anyway it seemed silly to have two planners, but after a year I am not so sure.  Too mean to buy a planner for a measly two days a week I made my own.  In the enormous pile of notebooks I have stashed away in my study I found a red (it has to match the others!) hard backed, A4 spiral bound book.

On the LHS I drew a line down the middle and wrote the dates of the days I would be working that week and left the RHS blank for lists and notes.  I did that for every week until the end of term (not many HURRAH!).

Appointments go on the appropriate day, together with day specific jobs or memos to self.  I don’t need a whole A4 page for that so I drew a line across the bottom.  I manage the school twitter, facebook and now the website news so this is where I’ll note things happening on certain days that I need to tweet etc.

On the RHS I drew a line down the middle.  The to do list for that week is on the left leaving the right for notes  during the day,like  telephone numbers etc.   The great thing here is that I can put things on the to do list for the appropriate week rather than have one long list.  For those things that I have to think about in the long term I have started a list at the back of the book which I check each week.

I  leave the book at school when I am not there so that anybody who needs to know what I’ve been up to and can check what’s been done if they can’t contact me.

Then at the same time I found a lovely standard size filofax I bought years ago as my first annual family planner.  It didn’t work as that because I need A4  for the various letters/tickets etc.  But guess what – it matches my A4 folder, the same line and colour.  So that has now become my writing planner.  Sections for the two books, one for short stories, one for general ideas, one for competitions, one for the blog, one for the book that has been banging around in my head but I don’t have time to write at the  moment but need to get the ideas down and a year planner so I can see instantly where I have sent which book and when (and then when it came back 😦  )

Planning now over I have to do the work that I have planned!


2 responses to “More planners

  1. I’d love to know how you like your Uncalendar, and now that the Textagenda has started how are you using it?

    (Uncalendar and Quo Vadis are two of my favorite planner companies!)

  2. Update done and dusted. Loving the Uncalendar but the Textagenda hasn’t had a full run in yet.

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