a new year

What?  I can hear you say.  It’s only August, what happened to the months in between?  For me the new year starts in September.  Maybe it’s a throwback to school but I think it is because the long languid hanging around days of summer are over but autumn hasn’t quite arrived.  A hiatus.  I’ve had a rest and I am ready to get going again.  In fact I have two weeks in Corfu before the summer is really over, but as school starts two days after we get back I have to be ready to hit the ground running.

As in everything the devil is in the detail or rather the details don’t get lost if you plan.  The grand plan is set out in my Best Year Yet, which is pretty much the only thing I start in January rather than September.   This isn’t the time for big sweeping resolutions it’s the time to reasses what worked and what didn’t and to make practical plans to put what did work into regular practice.

Some of the little changes that have worked over this year and will certainly stay for next are:

  • Weekly meal planning
  • Daily scheduled reflective time
  • Fruit salad in the fridge
  • Learning to be quiet

Like every new year a new planner (or series of planners) are required.  I’ve been using Uncalendar and Textagenda for just about a month now and I’m loving them.  As it’s summer and I’m not really working, the Textagenda isn’t getting as much use as the Uncalendar, it will get it’s real test in September.  But the Uncalendar is coming into it’s own, I’ve colour coded my lists, such a tiny thing but it really does help.  I’ve not got to grips with the monthly planner yet, I’ve tended to use Best Year Yet for that, but I thought it might be a useful way to record my new exercise regime, so I can see at a glance where I am falling down.

Oh and I bought Keels Simple Diary – loving that too!  The diary with a difference.  For a serious journaller like me I thought it would be too simple, actually simple is quite hard.


4 responses to “a new year

  1. Yes! I absolutely agree, the new year starts in September (or the rentrée as it’s called here, which encompasses everyone, not just school children). I love all your organising ideas, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the update! I’m glad you are loving your Uncalendar! Sometimes it takes awhile for people to decide how best to use it. I like how it is structured yet flexible. And I LOVE the motivational goal-setting advice!

    I also use a weekly planner and daily planner. I use my weekly for planning and weekly to-do lists, and my daily for planning and recording today only. After years of trying to use just one or the other and being frustrated, I’m really glad to have finally figured out this system!

  3. Yes! Me too! I always say my new year starts in September. There’s a kind of excitement when the children go back to school of what this year will bring for them (I feel that, I’m not sure they would say the same) and also what it will bring for me – a publishing deal would be nice if anyone’s offering. I love the summer holidays, and always miss my girls when they start back to school but I do admit I like getting back to routine again and not just trying to fit everything in around everything else.

    Love the colour coding! I have a much less techie version (using Word and ‘colour fill’ 🙂 which shows when I should be doing paid work, fiction, marketing etc. to stop me feeling guilty (if I’m writing I feel guilty not doing the paid stuff and if I’m doing the paid stuff…) I even have orange sessions when I’m allowed to socialise so I get texts asking if I possibly have an ‘orange’ free. Ridiculous, I know, but it works for me!

    Good luck 🙂

  4. Sorry, meant to say, nice post Gillian! Hope you had a great summer.

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