Spies, nuns and stationery cupboards

When I was little I wanted to be a spy, failing that I wanted to be a famous actress or an ENT surgeon.  The careers adviser wasted little time on me and moved on to the rest of the class who were more traditional in their career options.  I have been an actress, I have not been an ENT surgeon and if I have been a spy then I’m hardly going to tell you all about it am I?

The point of the long rambling introduction is that the only other career choices I considered were nun (I liked the outfits) and teacher (I wanted my own stationery cupboard).  While I think I am reasonably confident that few of you have ever had a career options list like mine I will bet my bottom dollar that if you have XX chromosomes you have lusted after a stationery cupboard.  And however old you are now you still do.

The wonderful thing about a new year is that you just have to stock up on new stationery supplies.  I have my new Uncalendar and Textagenda, a set of 10 Staedtler fine liners, a set of 8 highlighters and a wonderful boxed set of multi-coloured and multi-sized post it notes.  Then there are the old favourites, the writing planner, the house planner, the moleskins for morning pages and the baby soft leather gratitude journal (the only one which is allowed to be a different colour to the oxblood of everything else – including pencil case and kindle cover).

So why am I ambling through blogs looking at more planners?  For example it has occurred to me that if I purchased an Erin Condren  (www.erincondren.com/) day planner my life would be beyond complete.  I  think it might even do the school run for me, even if it didn’t it would look so very pretty as it tried.  The cost is fortunately so high that I have, thus far, been able to step back from the buy button. I checked out a few of the reviews.  Oh my, it’s not just the planner, even the packaging makes my heart sing.  Catherine at The Stationery Cupboard (how could I not love that blog) http://catherineryanhoward.com/2012/03/14/the-stationery-cupboard-erin-condren-life-planner-2012/; Catlin at My Chocolate Moments (chocolate and stationery, a match made in heaven) http://mychocolatemoments.com/2012/03/13/erin-condren-life-planner-review-how-i-use-it-works-for-me-wednesday/ ; and Katrina http://www.katrina-runs.com/my-life-my-planner-erin-condren-life-planner-review all raved and posted delicious pictures.  I must step back from the keyboard.

Hoping to distract myself I headed over to look at notebooks (for like shoes a woman can never have sufficient notebooks) at http://www.undercoveruk.com/  oh dear.  My head began to swirl, yet more delectable goodies.  And the colours, oh the colours they are even more sumptuous than my Keels Simple Diary.

There is only one thing to do.  I must harden my heart, make a cup of good strong tea and do the crossword.  I must be strong.


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