I didn’t really ………. did I?

You know that moment when you wake up in the morning and as the light comes through the window reality hits you and you bury your head in the pillow and ask yourself, more in hope than expectation, “did I really do that?”  Well my email pinged yesterday and as I read the message that sinking feeling swept upon me.  Had I really done that?  Twice in one week?  Could I keep it a secret from my husband or was it better to be honest and upfront?  I was momentarily grateful that unlike those early compuserve days we no longer share the same email address.

Several cups of tea and a dog walk later the future was looking less bleak.  In fact it had become decidedly rosy.  I wasn’t being disloyal I was considering all the options for the best future.

For today I received the email that informed me that my Personal Planner UK had been dispatched and was on its way to me.  A mere two days after the arrival of the soon to be beatified Erin Condren Planner the personalised Personal Planner UK will make its entrance.

I spent the afternoon rearranging planners and have what I think is frankly a spiffing system.  However, even I can only incorporate one personalised A5 planner into the programme.  Will this be the cuckoo in the nest or can absorption be achieved?  Tomorrow I reveal the current game plan.

In the meantime have you managed multiple planner paradise?


4 responses to “I didn’t really ………. did I?

  1. I would love it if you could do a comparison post of the EC and the A5 PP when you get them both! I’ve had several people ask me to compare them but I don’t have an A5 PP (yet!) so I can’t say.

    I use two planners at once but they have different purposes. I do all my future planning and goal setting in my (self-drawn) weekly planner. Then I use a page per day planner to plan and record each day. Since the Weekly is Future and the Daily is Today, I don’t get confused.

    Have fun with your new planners! 🙂

  2. I’d be delighted to. I’m still at the stroking stage with the EC!

  3. @Laurie – Am I one of those people? 😉 Since I got the Erin Condren notebook with calendar and the personal-planner, I might copy the way you’re using your weekly and daily 🙂

  4. JR, yes! And you weren’t the only one, it’s a popular request. 🙂

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