What to put in wicker office

I am a peripatetic worker.  That is a posh way of saying a do a lot of different things to pay my daughters’ Top Shop bills.  My favourite desk is the kitchen table in our morning room but life and work is such that I have to be able to move around, and work as and where I can.  So my office has to come with me.

Meet my office.

I bought her last summer at www.berrysfarmshop.com (which is well worth a visit if you are in Wensleydale) and she has transformed my life.  She holds my A5 Filofax folder with the Uncalendar, my coloured fineliners, a box of various post-its, my splendiferous selection of highlighters, my laptop, my morning pages book, New Daylight, Simple Abundance, Keels Simple Diary and my filofax writing planner and still has plenty of room for a packed lunch, a wrap and my handbag on the top.

Hey ho and we’re ready to go.

The other big advantage is now I know where everything is.  If it’s not on the shelf in the morning room (my favourite desk remember) then it’s in the basket.

The only thing she can’t do is finish my novel for me …


3 responses to “What to put in wicker office

  1. you are SO organised !!!!

  2. So, which is the morning room? And what happens after lunch, does it disappear (like something out of Harry Potter) 😉

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