My Martha House the Mary Way

Ever keen to find a better way to keep my life and home organised I have worked my way through Flylady, Side Tracked Home Executives, Bonnie McCulloch and any number of similar systems.  I’ve got a pretty good one that works for me but ….. there’s always a bit of green over the other side that needs to be checked out.

This bit of green was a little bit different, actually it was a lot different, it wasn’t so much green as shimmery with promise.  All the colours of a peacock tail.  It had me at hello (well it would have done if it could speak).


A Martha House the Mary way.  No not that Martha, this one hobnobbed not with Presidents and other cons but with Jesus.  Luke 10:38 At home with Mary and Martha, Mary cosies up to Jesus for a chat and Martha gets stroppy and martyr like as she does the dishes.  Sound familiar?  I can do martyrdom to a tee.  I can give postgraduate seminars on the best stance, facial expression and just how heavily to walk to give the perfect underdog overworked martyr impression (and I’m currently available in the run up to Christmas – a perfect time for the martyr to come out of the kitchen cupboard).

Ah ha!  The perfect book for me.  In fact it was but not for the reasons I had thought.  In theory the book takes you through your entire house in 31 days.  I’m working through it marginally more slowly.  The big difference though is that it isn’t a cleaning system nor is it an organisational system.  You can create those  yourself to suit you and your home.  This is about the approach and why you want to have clean and tidy home and HOW clean and tidy you want it to be.  Each day there are two challenges one is practical (Martha) and the other spiritual (Mary).  The very first Mary Challenge is to identify the specific reasons you want your home to be a haven and then write your own home mission statement.  Sound a bit iffy, a bit too touchy feely?  Think of the times you have had a mental list of all the things that need doing round the house, from the major decorating and repair jobs to putting away the washing.  How many times have you found something else to do?  But if you knew why you had to do them and what you would have when you did would you not be more likely to do them?

So I sat down to write our mission statement.  It was hard, it was very hard, but this is what I came up with eventually:

Our home is a place for laughter, for tranquillity, for celebrations, for rest. But most of all it is our refuge and the place where we can always return, where the welcome is honest, warm and inspired by the love of God

I’m only on Day 10 but it’s not a race and there are other things to do in life and other jobs and crises to manage.  Plodding along we’re sparkling a few rooms and tidied out some cupboards and drawers and learned a little more about ourselves as we go along.


One response to “My Martha House the Mary Way

  1. My first reaction to a book on cleaning was that I’d enjoy it about as much as I’d enjoy listening to paint dry on the radio. However, when you mention the organisation of the house and its mission statement, well now I’m interested! I have a mad month of writing ahead but have already planned that from the end of October, I am sorting out my study once and for all. I may well be back for tips. Keep up the good work, a tidy house is definitely a marathon not a sprint (unfortunately)

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