List for the Refridgerator Door

I did them again today, the Morning Pages and I have got quite a lot done, but that could be more that I have a looming deadline and whilst I do quite like the whooshing sound they make as they fly past, lots of them at once can be quite deafening.  On the other hand I am not feeling stressed.  I made myself take time out to write, to read my daily Bible reading notes, to sit and pray and to do 7 minutes of perfectly still and silent meditation.  Guess what, the world did not come to an end because I didn’t sit down to work the moment I got back from the school run, who would have thought it?

So it was with a feeling of serendipity that I read today’s entry in Simple Abundance (  When asked what advice a woman who does not suffer from stress would offer Sarah Ban Breathnach suggests the following:

  • Cultivate gratitude
  • Carve out an hour a day for solitude
  • Begin and end the day with prayer, meditation and reflection
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep your house picked up
  • Don’t overschedule
  • Strive for realistic deadlines
  • Never make a promise you can’t keep
  • Allow and extra hour for everything you do
  • Create quiet surroundings at home and at work
  • Go to bed at nine o’clock at least twice a week
  • Always carry something interesting to read
  • Breathe – deeply and often
  • Move – walk, dance run, find a sport you enjoy
  • Drink pure spring water, lots of it
  • Eat only when hungry
  • If it’s not delicious don’t eat it
  • Be instead of do
  • Set aside one day a week for rest and renewal
  • Laugh more often
  • Luxuriate in your senses
  • Always opt for comfort
  • If you don’t love it, live without it
  • Let Mother Nature nurture
  • Don’t answer the telephone during dinner
  • Stop trying to please everybody
  • Start pleasing yourself
  • Don’t squander precious resources; time, creativity, energy, emotion
  • Nurture friendships
  • Don’t be afraid of your passion
  • Approach problems as challenges
  • Honour your aspirations
  • Set achievable goals
  • Surrender expectations
  • Savour beauty
  • Create boundaries
  • For every “yes” let there be a “no”
  • Don’t worry; be happy
  • Remember, happiness is a living emotion
  • Exchange security for serenity
  • Care for your soul
  • Cherish your dreams
  • Express love every day

It’s quite a long list isn’t it?  I’m only part way through it, but as I add one more thing each day I find that life is genuinely more easy and I see more opportunities and have more ideas.  My eyes, ears and heart are opened.




3 responses to “List for the Refridgerator Door

  1. What a fantastic list. Yes, these things put everything else into perspective really. It’s just too damn easy to wallow, when in actual fact just selecting a few of these list items provides a fresh focus.

    “eyes, ears and heart opened” is a pretty good mantra.


  2. Lovely! I never leave myself enough time, always over-schedule and constantly (therefore) feel cross with myself that I haven’t ‘achieved’ everything I set out to do. I also have a really bad habit of getting close to the end of my to-do list and sneaking another job onto the bottom of the list – doomed to fail! Printing the note for the fridge.
    And breathe!

  3. It all comes down to slowing down really. I was doing really well at slowing down until today when I agreed to take on a massive job for next year …. hey ho, do as I say not as I do 🙂

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