This is my desk today and every day when I am working at home

Now I have all these wonderful planners I have to find the best way to use them.  Once upon a time I would work it all out in my head and then and only then put pen to paper because I didn’t want to spoil them with changes and crossings out etc.  Now I am older and possibly a little wise I realise that like everything in life things must be left to develop and evolve.

I’m not using them at all how I thought I would. The Uncalendar is perhaps the one used most in line with its original purpose in that it is my daily notebook and repository of everything I need to remember/record/do.  It really is the most amazing book I have ever come across and I can’t believe that more people don’t know about it.

When Erin arrived I fell in love, but she was too big to carry around with me all the time, so I thought she could be the home book.  But as I am such a peripatetic beast and work all over the place I take my wicker office with me everywhere and there’s plenty of room for Erin in there.  It seemed such a shame to keep her at home and not give her the chance to get out in the wide world.  So most days she comes with me and has become the main diary.

So what of my poor Textagenda.  Well this is where the evolution took off.  I still have him in my handbag and I do use him when I don’t have my basket as I can’t bear not having a diary with me.  My life is complicated enough without having to make appointments in my head.  But all that space underneath has become journally/writing notes/dream diary.  It’s brilliant.

How often do have 10 minutes or so during the day whilst you are waiting for someone/something?  Add all those up and you are wasting hours and hours.  I rarely travelled without a book (or more latterly my kindle) and time spent in traffic jams passed more pleasantly. Now I journal, I record my dreams (some of my best story ideas have begun as dreams) I doodle and like the Morning Pages I am getting some great stuff there.  Because I’m only writing in snatches there is no time to get detail down, just ideas, whiffs of things that float past and need to be caught before they disappear.

Then there is my writing planner (Filofax Personal Red Chameleon for aficionados) and when I have time and tea I flick through the random notes and work up some ideas.

Oh and there is one other journal, Keels Simple Diary, google it – it’s just gorgeous and great for helping you think out of the box.

Finally if anyone is wondering why diary entries in the Keels and Textagenda are in different colours it’s because I have synaesthesia.  I write each day in the colour associated with that day.  Today is yellow btw (but doesn’t show up very well so I have had to use orange and that really hurts!)




4 responses to “Evolution

  1. I love reading about all your ‘sorting’ antics! I’ve had a really busy couple of writing months but my big deadlines all finish next Monday. Then I have a couple of weeks of ‘sorting out my study’ and it’s got sooo bad that I actually can’t wait. Wish me luck!

  2. Love you desk and collection of journals and planners… Glad I am not the only one. 😀

  3. Sadly it’s not my desk it’s the kitchen table but I prefer it to my desk and work here most of the time. It’s handier for the kettle too!

  4. Always interesting to get an insight into other people’s work and creative practice. This is just the sort of thing that is liable to put me into a flat spin about my own evolved methods. I think someone should produce diaries with only six months in them so I could change my system more often rather than having to spend money on annual diaries that don’t get filled because I lose interest and change horses after a few months. I’m not sure I could ever go with having so many different planners/diaries/journals on the go – I tend to evolve towards ‘everything in one place’. However, it very much excites me to see those Staedtler Triplus Fineliners – fantastic pens, my most trusty creative companions, too!

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