Prescription Pootling

Today has been a languishing at home day.  Mainly due to the fact that the Boss, in his unending generosity has shared his man flu with me.  I know it is man flu because he is a man and he gave it to me.  However, apparently it mutates when it meets two XX chromosomes and becomes a much milder beast and thus there is no possibility that I could become as seriously ill as he has been.  In the interests of evidence based medicine, about which he bangs on about quite a lot, I am going to wait this one out and take notes.

In the meantime I decided that yoga was not a good idea, quite apart from my desire not to fling my germs around all of County Durham I didn’t think that my head could cope with being upside down at any point during the following 24 hours.

I approached the to do list for today with some trepidation.  It had been written when I was not incubating the key cast members of Contagion and as I have a tendency to be somewhat overambitious in my goals for each day I was concerned that merely looking at it (all nicely colour coded nonetheless) might send me straight back under the duvet.  But the gods were smiling upon me for the first job was to pay a very small bill online.  Armed with a very large mug of tea I could probably manage that.  Ah ha, there was more in the account than I was expecting.  A very large invoice had been paid, I began to feel better than ever and managed to squash the desire to have a little peek on eBay on the strength of it.

As the wife of a doctor I know it is very important to take things slowly, one step forward and three steps back and all that.  So I identified only the gentlest of jobs and have had a pootle of a day.

I paid a few bills (piety rating went up); I meditated; I read an uplifting and wonderful book (I am Somewhere Else by Barbara Glasson); walked the dogs (without a coat – this is October in the North of England!); baked triple choc, cheesecake brownies and cooked the sauce for dinner (monkfish tails – half price in Sainsburys in spicy tomato sauce); I wrote my birthday thank you letters; I had a lovely chat to a friend on the phone; I read the paper and I even had a chat with the parrot.

Result – I am feeling a LOT better.  Cost to NHS – nowt.  Pootling should be on prescription.


7 responses to “Prescription Pootling

  1. Did the parrot chat back, or just spke you with his beady eye?

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