The end of the To Do List?

Today I am trying an experiment.  I am not writing a to do list but instead have taken a leaf out of  Homemakers’ Daily and am writing a done list instead.

I know most of the things I need to do today, I can see them scattered around my house.  Previously I have written a list the night before, added to it during the following morning and then done loads of stuff that needed doing but wasn’t actually on my list.  Consequently I got to the end of the day and discovered that despite the fact I had been on my feet all day very little of the list had been completed.  Total sense of humour failure and creation of cumulonimbus sized cloud of despondency.

Today I have done a job and written it down.  So far (2.20pm) I have written morning pages, meditated, read, watched the Panorama programme on the Newsnight/Jimmy Saville fiasco, done the washing, put away the ironing, tidied two rooms, sent some emails, paid some bills, walked the dogs, planned dinner and played around on Twitter and Facebook.  Not bad going.

Now when I get to the end of the day instead of staring at a long list of things I hoped I would do and didn’t.  I have a lovely long multicoloured (synaethesia remember?) list of things I have done today.  Most of which were red  or blue because those are house or communication jobs – because those are the colours they are that’s why.  And today is ….. Yellow, well done at the back for remembering.

I have tweaked the system just a little. No multitasking. Yes I will say that again very slowly N O   M U L T I T A S K I N G.  I didn’t even pick up the pile of clothes at the bottom of the stairs when I went upstairs to meditate.  I picked them up when I went upstairs to put away the ironing.  I did one job at a time and do you know what, I got things done a whole lot faster.  Also I didn’t forget why I had something in my hand or why I went into a room because I was only focussing on one job at a time and I finished each job because that was all I had to do at that time.

I still have a to do list.  It’s massive, but it’s rolling, I put everything I know I need or want to do on it and I refer back to it but it is the only list that ever has anything crossed off.  Now, I’m DONE, not TO BE DONE.

And just because she is gorgeous and you aren’t interested in seeing my done list here is River 🙂


4 responses to “The end of the To Do List?

  1. Gorgeous dog. Is she a Newfoundland?

    I hope you enjoy the to done list. Checking things off a to do list is definitely satisfying – well, if you actually get to check some things off. But it’s amazing to look at the to done list and see how much you accomplished. I know it makes me feel good about my day.

  2. Yes she is a Newfoundland. The other two are a Springer and Jack Russell, it’s a bit like the Three Bears! Loving my Done List 🙂

  3. I love To Do lists, but in Paradise hey are more decorative than useful! I always love making them………

  4. A bit like deadlines and music – the lovely sound they make as they flutter by!

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