Small Stones

Writing is a lonely business.  I can’t write in cafes or libraries.  I am easily distracted and unless the force or the flow or whatever is with me I find it very easy to find something else to look at, listen to or read.  Menus can be so fascinating don’t you think?  The Boss, on the other hand, has some form of invisible shield that drops around him (he was way ahead of Bella) when he works.  A medium sized nuclear explosion is unlikely to distract him once he starts dictating, as those who have the misfortune to transcribe his work are painfully aware.

Consequently I work best at home, alone.  Not entirely alone, but the other attendees at my office party have either four legs or wings, also we can’t all sit down to dinner at once.  Noah may have managed inter species harmony but sitting three dogs, five cats, a parrot, 2 geese and assorted chickens around one table without at least one guest becoming part of the menu would be challenging.

However, there is at least one advantage to the solitary approach.  The lack of distraction means I can focus better.  So on 1st November (when cough permitting I shall be in Gay Paree) I am taking part in Mindful Writing Day and writing a small stone.  Why don’t you join in?


2 responses to “Small Stones

  1. is that the right link, or did you mean to use ?

    It’s a lovely idea. I read it, looked up and realised the raindrops on the window were all joining up. People and life should be like that.

  2. How odd, the link from their FB page takes you to the one I originally posted. But have changed it now. Thank you 🙂

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