In which I wobble

I am having a bit of a wobble.  A moment when I am not entirely sure I am walking down the right path.  It is a serious issue and one which could have massive financial implications. For I have seen this.

Fortunately it is desk sized and I want a personal sized one.  But now I am a woman on a mission.  To find a personal red congo Mulberry organiser.  And I think we are talking Hens Teeth and Overdrafts.
But, I hear you all cry.  What about Erin and Textagenda.  What of them I reply with the all the fickleness of a teenager throwing away her first love.  Actually it’s not quite that bad and I do still love Erin to bits and the Textagenda is a very useful notebook (did I tell anyone I have a Midori Traveller’s Notebook on it’s way from The Netherlands?) but I miss this.

She was my constant companion for many years.  A pocket size I could fit her into even the smallest handbag, but as a pocket size she was only a diary.  I couldn’t really get anything else in there.  Hence the move to Erin.

But I miss the flexibility of a binder and the Congo is so delectable.  And if I do find one it isn’t that long till Christmas ….

So the next question is which inserts?

Oh and BTW I have whooping cough and need cheering up so tracking down a red personal congo is therapy 🙂


10 responses to “In which I wobble

  1. Hi, I can understand your search for a red Congo Agenda very well, it is beautiful. Mulberry binders are just fantastic. But they stopped using the Congo leather quite a while ago – so it will be a bit of a task to find one. Good luck hunting!!!…. The question for inserts is quite easy to answer: Mulberry only produces a W2P, 2012 was the last year they had a DPP too. And the only other inserts I know of that will fit the Agenda rings is the Dutch brand Succes, their size ‘ Senior’ works, but the paper isn’t as nice as Mulberrys….. If you find one in the Pocket size, Filofax or Montblanc inserts work well :-). But I understand you are looking for the Agenda?

  2. I think you have an illness, and I don’t mean the whooping cough….

  3. Pretty impressive from somebody who has been known to sniff paper 🙂

  4. my paper doesn’t cost £300, but to be fair, I’ve probably got £300 worth of paper sitting in my ‘office’.

  5. Well hello, fancy meeting you here! My fingers are firmly crossed for your Christmas list this year 🙂 … and what is it with stationery and girls? You should see my office *whistles innocently*

  6. Oh, I so wish I loved Mulberry agendas as much as my Filofaxes! Namely, I have a personal-kinda sized black one in Congo leather, it is gorgeous, but it just sits in my drawer unused… 😦

  7. Haha,true – discovered that a couple of minutes later. A relief! 😉

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