In which I fall off

I wobbled, but not for long.  It was easier to fall off.  No I didn’t buy a Congo but the wobble was sufficient for the bump to be considerable.  I bought a plum Osterley Filofax from the fabulous City Organiser .  The only fly in the ointment was down to Royal Mail who failed completely to deliver by 1pm the following day as per their Special Delivery guarantee thus sending me off to Paris without my new baby.  However, she was waiting upon my return and it was love at first sight.  I am a binder girl at heart.  and as soon as I had the familiar layout in front of me I knew I was back where I belonged.

Diary pages have been updated and I’m part way through the phone number list.  Then I shall play around with what goes where.

For what was also waiting for me was this.

Midori Traveller’s Notebook.  Sadly this isn’t scratch and sniff but it it were you too would be swooning over the buttersoft leather.
Current plan is:

  • Uncalendar in Domino A4 Folder – Working daybook.  Everything is written here, to do lists, phone messages etc.  I keep them for reference and they are invaluable.
  • Osterley – Command control
  • Chameleon – Writing (plot ideas, submissions, competitions etc.)
  • Textagenda – journalling
  • Midori – notebook that lives in my bag.  The on the go journalling variety
  • Erin – Family calendar (though having had a Dodo pad on the wall for the past 20 odd years I’m a bit wary about this but I can’t give her up)
  • Keels Simple Diary – for fun and interesting prompts

Which leaves an old French notebook providence unknown as my commonplace book

And a birthday present purchased from the lovely Moira at Sorella as my gratitude journal.  The chewy corner was a present from one of the canines 🙂

That really should be enough shouldn’t it?  There is some irony in that this also arrived from Amazon today.



4 responses to “In which I fall off

  1. That is way too organised! You make me feel embarrassed by my own inadequacy.
    Celia x

  2. How I have lived as a whole individual thus far without the knowledge of your blog, I do not know but that condition is now mended.
    I found your blog over an hour ago through Filofaxy and even my coffee went cold because I was too busy to take a sip. So. Many. So. Good. Stuffs here! Damnation already! I need to read this entire enchilada, you seem to write of those very things that interest me the most. Fantastic!

  3. Hello and welcome – and from Finland too! My Grandmother is from Finland (Karelia oringially and then Turku)

  4. ” It is a small world, after all. “

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