Advent Sunday is only 10 days away.  This year rather than (or as well as if you prefer) eating chocolates and opening windows, why not do something proactive each day as we approach Christmas.  Nothing is difficult, all of them are fun.  If you can’t manage to do the right thing on the right day so what,  fiddle them around if you have to but just DO IT!
Share the word, copy the picture below onto your own blog then head over to http://www.skinandblisterblog.com/ and sign up.  You can follow all of our adventures on Twitter at #Shareadvent

Now off you go !


6 responses to “#shareadvent

  1. I’m sorry if I sound negative but this blog/suggestion list for advent was so middle class it made me feel sick.

  2. Last nights comment was a bit hasty and in retrospect I would like to withdraw it.I found your advent list by accident really but it was not what I had expected, craft fairs and wreathes are definitely not my thing , sorry.

  3. No need to withdraw. Everyone is entitled to their own view. I like it because it encourages people to do something. I also use the book Do Nothing Christmas is Coming by Stephen Cottrell which is a more spritual approach to Advent, but not everyone likes that either. Perhaps I should a post on that?

  4. Of the 25, I will manage 1/3 of no. 7 (the remembering bit) and I’ve started on no. 9 – proper letters, not e-mails! I hope no. 6 is not just during Advent. Christmas is not my best time of year…

  5. I think many of them are and should be for all year. A bit like the Lent Project on FB.

  6. you win some, you lose some hey?

    Of course charity is a year round thing. I just wanted to make it a prompt to encourage everyone to remember amongst all the gift lists and decorations to remember that.

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