if you only do one thing today

I don’t know how many of you click on links on my blogroll.  Not all that many if my stats are correct.  Which is a shame as I think they are all pretty darn good in very different ways.

One blog will not be getting any new posts.  But if you do only one thing today make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with Alice’s Bucket List.  Alice was 17 and died yesterday of Hodgkins Lymphoma.  This is not a schmultzy blog, nor is there any self pity.  This is one girl’s story of having terminal cancer.  It is funny, it is sad, it is a teenage diary.  But it also takes cancer out of the closet.  It doesn’t happen to other people, terminal illness can happen to anyone.

I lost a friend I had only just reconnected with before I “got around” to making arrangements to meet up.  Don’t let that happen to you.  Write that letter, make that phone call.  Remember all those “promises” you made to catch up when you wrote your Christmas cards.  Keep them



2 responses to “if you only do one thing today

  1. I saw on Twitter that Alice had died, I had occasionally popped over to read her blog and it was so full of life, optimism and generosity.
    I too lost a friend just before Christmas, we last met at a Bonfire party and although he wasn’t in good health I had no idea that when we said goodbye that evening, it would be the last time.

  2. I read about Alice too and I did read her blog from time to time which was truly uplifting even through its tragedy. I’ve lost three friends to premature death (but have two who have survived cancer, there is hope) and would say that the effect it’s had on me is that I don’t moan about my age – not everyone has the luxury.

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