In which I may fall off the straight and narrow

Everything is going swimmingly.  The synopsis is taking shape; I am finally saying goodbye to my tiny part time job so that I can concentrate on writing; my planners and goals are shaping up nicely and I am totally on track.

Then I read Plan.Create.Succeed  For pity’s sake, that is just not playing by the rules.  When somebody is on a restricted diet you don’t ply them with recipes for double cream baked New York Cheesecake.  So don’t show a recovering journal addict a new idea for a journal.  And if you really must do it, then choose a cheap binder.  But an A5 Osterley?  What do you think I am made of?  Cast iron?

I love it, I love the layout, I love the idea of having all my journaling in one place.  My lovely and very beautiful red Chameleon is not used for my writing notes because it is freestanding, I want it all together.  Having said that I cannot give up my freestanding Gratitude Journal and  Commonplace book, so perhaps I don’t really need an A5 plum Osterley journal.  I certainly can’t afford one, but I do lust after one, just like Helen’s.


7 responses to “In which I may fall off the straight and narrow

  1. I fear it may topple my dietary good intentions (summer bodies are earned in winter and all that). But bookmarked for when I fall off that particular wagon!

  2. my summer body is definitely earned during the winter.. it is a bloated banker’s bonus…

  3. Oh, Oh! I am SORRY!! That was very mean of me. I should have been more thoughtful. In my defence, I would not pay full wack for an Osterley either, I think the price is ridiculous so whether or not I could afford it becomes irrelevant. I got mine for £70 (RRP £195 I think) on adspot on Philofaxy. That does not make it better for you does it? Sorry again.
    But think of this: save £2 a week and in a year you coud get one full price.

  4. Later.. After thinking some and counting on my fingers a lot and wondering why I said it was a ridiculous price when it was only £2 a week…..ahem. £4 a week! I am proof living that a beautiful binder does not make you intelligent!

  5. I have a wanted ad on adspot! A beautiful binder enables you to concentrate on the important things in life not maths!

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