Whilst everybody else has barbecued belly pork and chips for supper this evening.  I am having this.


Actually I am less upset about missing out on belly pork, which I absolutely adore, than I thought I would be  It was a delicious meal and that whole plate adds up to 510 calories.  Not bad eh?

I’m doing the 2 day fast, partly to lose weight and partly as a personal discipline.  It hasn’t turned out to be anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be.  The knowledge that it’s only one day at  any one time makes it quite bearable. Tomorrow normal service will always be resumed.

Writing is a bit like that.  One day at a time.  Open the screen or open the notebook and every now and then nothing happens.  A fast day.  But the next day doesn’t have to be the same.  Writers’ block shouldn’t be an endless diet.  Look at it as a short fast between normal service and it isn’t quite as frightening.



5 responses to “Fast

  1. Oh I am doing this, the 5:2 fasting – fast on a Monday and Thursday (or Friday!) have you read the Dr Michael Mosley book? I found the fasting days easier than the eating days!!

  2. It takes special dedication to move into the right direction, great job and I know you will do what your goal intends. That also looks delicious!

  3. Good point! You know how to “cure” writer’s block? 1. Sit down in the chair, and 2. Write. Your dinner looks fabulous, by the way!

  4. What’s the green stuff in the bottom right corner?

  5. That “green stuff” is goan turkey curry!!

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