advice from a fellow traveller …

DSCF1016Please excuse any odd spellings.  Most of this post went down the drain first time around when WordPress threw a wobbly and I then (unintentionally) slammed my finger in the door.  I am typing with one digit less than usual and considerably fewer marbles.   I am not entirely convinced that the digital world is my friend.  I am beginning to wonder if it is one of those baddies in Sci Fi stories like V or The Kraken Wakes who comes across all nice and friendly and helpful and then stabs you in the back whilst you are lulling in a nice comfy sense of false security.

The arrival of the new laptop has caused no end of problems with the transfer and subsequent loss of essential emails.  I have a full complement of Viagra/online business opportunities/website promotion deals.  But the helpful ones with offers of work and so forth disappeared faster up their own backsides than Daniel Day Lewis at the Oscars.  Attempting to transfer my iTunes library has resulted in several broken nails, five terrified cats and dogs that can now swear in several languages.

Thus it is, I feel, a little ironic that the post I intended to write was about online resources.  Those that I have found helpful as I string word to word, creating sentences and paragraphs in the hope that somebody, somewhere will offer me a reasonable income if I continue along the same lines.

So, in the spirit of triumph of hope over experience I offer you the following:

  •  The Writers’ Workshop – Critiques, rich seams of advice and information and the excellent Agent Hunter (see my review here).  They also run the annual Festival of Writing in York every September.  I told it is superb, I am hoping to go this year.  If you are going and want to hold my hand because I am a pathetic wimp please let me know.
  •  Nicola Morgan – I wish I was on commission.  I have recommended her books and her website to everyone, even people who don’t write (well they might one day).  She is the ex-Crabbit Old Bat.  I don’t mean she is no longer crabbit or and old bat (for all I know she was never actually either), but she has moved her website to here.  However, the old site is still up and is a treasure trove.  She has also written several excellent books and I swear by her book on how to write a synopsis.  If anyone can make a trial of Hercules into a Brownie Badge it is she.
  •  Authonomy – personally I can’t stand it which I suppose makes it odd that I have included it.  But I know that thousands of people think it is the bees knees, and what makes me tick might send you into paroxysms of rage.  I leave you to make your own decision.
  •  Slush Pile Hell – every time you think you cannot string two words together go here.  Read. Relax
  •  The Word Den – I like words.  If you write I presume you do too.
  •  The Queen’s English Society – if you don’t have your copies of  The Elements of Style  (mine is a much nicer hardback copy btw) and The Complete Plain Words  (mine is a much older, more battered edition that saw me through two degrees and a thesis now incomprehensible to me) to hand then this is a reasonable online alternative.
  •  Myslexia – the online home of the excellent magazine.

There is much more out there, I have plenty of other sites saved in my bookmarks.  But these are the ones to which I return.  Even Authonomy but only for a laugh.

The picture at the top?  I took it at The Wave, before the Copenhagen summit.  It’s what I look at before I write, every time.


12 responses to “advice from a fellow traveller …

  1. The idea even of having to get a new computer and transfer everything just Sends shivers up my spine. Hope the injury gets better quickly.

  2. You’re hysterical while you’re helpful. A real pleasure to read. Hope you’re finger feels betters soon… and misspellings can be entertaining anyway.

  3. Hope the dogs and cats are now only swearing in canine and feline and that your finger is better and the gin bottle is relatively untouched!

  4. Thank you for sharing your resources. I hope you have a fabulous, injury free day tomorrow 🙂

  5. At least it’s pets and not small children who have increased their vocabulary! :o)

  6. Ouch! And don’t go crossing those fingers until you’re healed, ok?
    Yes, I concur! GREAT links and absolutely agree with you on Authonomy too – made great writerly friends, left in a fit of pique when I woke up and wondered why I was letting the site’s ridiculous amount of trolls and charlatans destroy what could have been useful and fun – so there! Nicola Morgan, she can make synopsis writing fun, can’t say fairer than that. My daughters have also read Wasted and loved it and I’ve lent my Brain Game (I think it’s called) to too many baffled mothers of teens to count.

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