house editing

I am editing the house.  It has accumulated far too many adjectives, they are quite surplus to requirements and need to be evicted.  I have moved everything into the Barn and Gin Gan which means that the rest of the house is more pared down, neat and exact in places.  Unfortunately open the door between the Barn and the Kitchen and the evidence that this is not true editing, that I have cut and pasted and kept all the extraneous stuff in another file “just in case” is plain for all to see.

I was forced to focus on this problem when it transpired that rodents have eaten yet another bit of wiring (I do hope they don’t have little wellington boots and they fry as they chew) and the lights in the Barn and Gin Gan were turning themselves off and on in the style of a fast moving Samba.  The lovely chap from Tom Hibbert Electricians return to inspect the damage and performed exquisite gymnastics over the carefully built obstacle course behind the Barn/Gin Gan door. The fact that the lights now stay on only highlights the severity of the situation.

In the manner of a master wordsmith I intend to edit this house from the kind of book you buy at an airport because it is three inches thick and will last the entire 12 hour flight regardless of the quality or storyline to something more akin to Julian Barnes.  Small enough to slip into your handbag to read at the bus stop or in a traffic jam.  Enough in a couple of paragraphs to satisfy.


4 responses to “house editing

  1. What a clever approach. I think I have plenty to delete around here myself. Actually the house is for sale and for months prior to this and in anticipation my policy has been for every one new thing that comes in 2 must leave. This, of course, does not apply to food. But cloths, books, ANYTHING else. It is surprising how that alone can make a difference!

  2. Oh, my. I need to edit my house in this manner, and then just toss the extraneous words, and there are a legion of them. Blessings on your project!!

  3. House editing – I love it! What a great way to think of something we all need to do but wait too long to do it. And it certainly sounds a lot more enjoyable than cleaning house!

  4. We currently have two ‘house editors’ working with us. It’s really quite cathartic. I can see the floor in our bedroom !!!

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