the sounds of silence

radioSilence.  I cannot write with the radio or television on, but I do like to write with other people around me so long as they are not talking to me.  I often work alongside my children as they do their homework.  Mutual encouragement perhaps.

I used to have Radio4 on pretty much all the time but recently I have taken to silence instead.  I wondered why.

As many of you will know I suffered from a sudden and severe bout of depression last year.  I have been on medication which is brilliant.  I also realised I had to slow down.  I have been practicing yoga for several years and recently have taken up meditation.  I make an active effort to be mindful of all that I do.  I don’t multitask, I do one job at a time and concentrate on what I am doing even if it is just putting the ironing away. I have a morning ritual that includes, prayer, Bible reading and meditation.  I have kept a gratitude journal for five years and write in it daily.

I am realising that I don’t need or want the background noise.  Previously it was my prop, or perhaps better described as my insulation.  Alone in the house with no radio I have to listen to myself, there is no insulation.  Sometimes, at first it was rather scary, I wasn’t sure I liked what I was hearing, who I was.  But I am getting to know me better, I know what makes me tick  (I’m nearly 50 so it really is about time).

When I think I am too busy to meditate, to write morning pages, to pray; when I skip a yoga class; it shows.  I tend to turn on the radio, I seek out noise and avoid silence.

I prefer the silence.  It tells me more.


3 responses to “the sounds of silence

  1. I couldn’t face my morning without daily meditation. As for silence, I block out constant traffic noise while I relax and tune my mind into love. When I’m writing, I need silence. If my husband has the television on in another room, I shut the door and remove the noise. Keep up your routine. It’s obviously helping your mind. How lucky you are to have children. They’ll keep you sane and give you joy.

  2. This is very insightful! I’d prefer to work in silence, too, but I have adapted to the noise of a busy family. I like to work with music on, though, and that helps me tune out the background noise that is ALWAYS there. 😉

  3. It’s a tough one this. I have always worked with huge levels of noise around me. Now I work at home I prefer music, usually something baroque always classical tho. There is too much temptation to scream at Woman’s hour in the morning !

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